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International Structuring

International Structuring

As the world gets smaller, it is becoming increasingly necessary for companies and individuals to engage in trade and identify opportunities for earning profits outside their home jurisdiction.

Tax is one of the main considerations in a decision as to how to expand overseas. With over 12 years of international tax experience we have the knowledge, expertise and skills to be able to guide you through the maze of operating overseas and give you clear advice.

The issues that you are likely to encounter will include:

  • Structuring of operations – branch or company or something in between?
  • Financing
  • Managing foreign exchange exposure
  • Transfer pricing
  • Withholding tax management
  • Relief for overseas taxes and avoidance of double economic taxation
  • Tax efficient extraction of profits

As well as having a recognised strength in this area, our firm has been engaged in projects in a number of jurisdictions including the USA, Germany, Luxembourg, Israel and Eastern Europe. Because we are not tied-into a specific branded network, we have the flexibility to choose our own advisers in each jurisdiction. By working closely with experts with a proven track record, we have an excellent and far-reaching international network.

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