Property Investment

We have a very well-established expertise in all areas of property investment and management.

Our clients have property under management and ownership in many millions of pounds. We can therefore bring to bear significant in-house knowledge and experience to assist you in maximising post-tax returns and cash flow.

Areas where we add significant added-value include:

  • Structuring of investments
  • Managing tax exposures and risk
  • Maximising positive cash flow
  • Arranging and facilitating new bank facilities and re-financing of property
  • Compliance with all necessary tax and accountancy regulation
  • Proactively claiming available tax reliefs and incentives including Land Remediation Relief, VAT concessions, capital allowances and Renovation Relief.

As well as the ability to provide excellent technical advice, we also view our role as being a sounding-board for our clients to discuss investments, strategy and negotiation tactics. With so much experience in this sector, our Partners realise the issues and problems faced from the inside and can bring this perspective into play as well as applying all their professional expertise.

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