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Mention charities and a lot of people will think that they do not pay tax.

It is possible, if charities are not properly advised, for significant unforeseen tax liabilities to arise, especially where the charity is reliant upon donations from a small group of significant donors. In addition, due to changes to charity law and tax law, Trustees face a minefield of complexity in fulfilling all their responsibilities.

As Chartered Tax Advisers and graduates in the Diploma for Charity Accounting, we can help Trustees meet and surpass their reporting responsibilities and actively manage their exposure to Capital Gains Tax, VAT and other taxes.

We work with a number of charities in and around the North West of England and have a proven track record in providing a bespoke advisory service.

We also regularly assist Trustees who have fallen behind in their compliance record and frequently liaise with the Charity Commission and HM Revenue & Customs to bring matters up-to-date with the minimum of disruption.

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